about us


Little Bird Innovation brings together business strategy, social sciences, and design to help organizations deliver meaningful change. We work on tackling complex problems using a disciplined approach to innovation. We focus on understanding people to bring new products, services, and experiences into the world. 

We believe the outcomes of the solutions we create should deliver on an economic and societal value and ultimately disrupt the status quo. To us that means we must find a strategic point of view: one that aligns to what’s desirable from a user’s perspective, viable from a financial standpoint, and feasible to make. 

Our clients come to us looking for a strategic partner that can help answer hard questions, quickly understand organization objectives, push user understanding through empathy, identify new opportunities, and collaboratively align on driving action. We make winning a reality.

our perspective

We bring deeply held beliefs about our work and what’s key to producing meaningful work.  

Curiosity // we build on knowledge to tackle complex problems at their core. 

Collaboration // we develop meaningful relationships from the beginning, which fosters communication, trust and keeps us centered on human needs. 

Empathy // we listen, work, and act conscientiously, emphasizing that every individual has different, equally valuable perspectives and experiences. 

Adaptability // we believe a key tenet of the human-centered approach is adaption in the process to new information that achieves the best result.  

our story

It started as a simple question, "What if we could use human-centered design to drive a new perspective on what winning means through establishing collaborative networks, demystifying the processes, and coordinating efforts to make innovation real and create shared value?" This is the essence of Little Bird. 

Our founders, Nicole and Zack, believe in what's possible and are passionate about seeing change take flight. They bring together significant experience in design, user research, entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, and launching new ideas. As we’ve grown more feathers over the years so has the diversity of the Little Bird team. We are now a 9 person team that brings together unique experiences and backgrounds, in a multi-disciplinary way. Inclusion not only gives us a strategic advantage, but also shapes how we find transformative results.

our team

Zack 01.png


co-founder / partner
Zack intersects a love of culture, experience design and technology along with over fifteen years of business experience to help discover compelling opportunities.


co-founder / partner
Nicole blends fifteen years of strategy creation, innovation & entrepreneurship with a passion for creating impactful change in organizations and communities.

Ellie 01.png


design strategist
With a background in linguistics and design methods, Ellie brings a passion for people and communication to deliver compelling strategies, experiences and services.


design strategist
Justin is a researcher, strategist, and designer who incorporates his background experiences into interdisciplinary environments. He gets excited about solving problems, especially problems around social issues and human needs.


design research associate
Natasha works for positive change by developing a collaborative network of relationships and system-level insights to identify impactful, human-centered solutions and policies.

Chloe Moore

design research associate
Chloe reveres the complexity and beauty inherent in lived experiences. Thus, in unwavering commitment to inclusivity, she utilizes her Anthropology and Sociology research background to ethically innovate sustainable social change that honors the world’s diversity.


Ruby is a visual storyteller that takes complex information and transforms it in a dynamic, digestible way to meet the needs of people and communicate unique stories. 


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